1. Life is an action, perceiving an impression of the essence.

2. An essence never changes.

3. Life is a collection of perceived serial perceptions bounded on a living creature.

4. Libido is one of the byproducts of ‘1, 2, and 3’.

5. A phenomenon is also a life due to ‘1,2, and 3’; an essence never changes but perception can.

6. Living is a life-generating process, not a reproducing process.

7. The perceived idea is meaningless but time creates syntax, therefore life is meaningful.

8. However, time is an illusion.

9. Therefore, life is also an illusion.

10. I exist forever, regardless of my existence.

1’. A print is an action, shifting an impression from a matrix.

2’. A matrix is never changed.

3’. A printed image is a collection of shifted single or several impressions bounded on a physical surface.

4’. Multi production is one of the byproducts of '1, 2, and 3'.

5’. A monotype is also a print due to '1, 2, and 3'; a matrix cannot be changed but impressions can.

6’. Printing is an image-generating process, not a reproducing process.

7’. Ink is meaningless but a politic creates syntax, therefore a print is meaningful.

8’. However, politic is an illusion.

9’. Therefore, print is also an illusion.

10’. The printed image exists forever, regardless of its existence.